Karl Kohut - Bass Solo with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra - "Ole"

I remember getting a phone call...

And the voice on the other end said, "Wynton recommend you for these concerts, can you make it?" Playing three nights of concerts with the Jazz at Lincoln Center orchestra was an incredible experience that I'll never forget. The composition we played in this clip was "Olé" by John Coltrane, which appears on his 1961 album Olé Coltrane. I went through a phase in my late teens where I bought as many Coltrane albums as I could get my hands on (including this one), so thankfully, I was already familiar with this recording before playing it with this group. Before the concert, Wynton told me backstage, "When you play, I want you to scare Carlos!"


Karl Kohut & Quincy Davis - "Tricotism"

I've known Quincy since 2010...

And he's been one of my favorite drummers ever since. I've had the good fortune to work with him in a number of professional settings, and I always appreciate how deeply musical and sensitive his drumming style is. This is a clip of us playing a composition by the great bassist Oscar Pettiford, entitled "Tricotism." I thought it would be a fun challenge to play it in this exposed duo format to give both of us a chance to stretch out.