Christian McBride: Solo on "Last Summer" (Jimmy Greene - Beautiful Life)

This solo comes from an album by someone who I've had the great fortune to study with — saxophonist Jimmy Greene. The album is called Beautiful Life (dedicated to his daughter, Ana Grace Márquez-Greene) and it was released on Mack Avenue Records in 2014.

On this particular track, Christian McBride lays down one of my favorite solos of all time: it's only 15 bars long, but it's full of great melodic content that unfolds in a seemingly effortless way. There are a lot of ideas here that I've heard Christian play in other solos, but the way the ideas connect is truly masterful — and his execution of it is so clean.

Here's a video clip of me playing Christian's solo along with the recording:

And here's a link to download a PDF transcription of the solo.

Until next time!